Understanding internal driven factors of household intention to upgrade waste treatment system - a case study of small-scale cow farming in Le Chi Commune, Gia Lam, Ha Noi

Livestock waste management at household level is one of the biggest challenges for environmental managers in Vietnam for several years. Understanding internal factors, which influentwaste management behavior of household, is extremely important to obtain successful environmental protection strategy. The study was conducted in a peri-commune of Ha Noi, Le Chi Commune in order provide useful information for better understanding about farmers intention in innovating their current waste treatment system. Through applying behavioral approach, study had interviewed 85 households to obtain necessary information for correlation models. The study found no evidence which present the relationship between the intention to upgrade the system and farmers’current farming situation as well as farmers’ satisfaction on environmental performance of the presentapplied treatment systems. However, the intension highly positive correlated to the purpose to increase farming scale (r=.490, p<.001),the cow barn expansion (r=.675, p<.001) and fairly correlated to the satisfaction of household about the time saving criteria of current waste processed methods (r=-.304, p<0.001). These results of this study could provide considerable information for waste management strategies in this commune.

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